Technical University of Lodz

Department of Semiconductor
               and Optoelectronics Devices

Finished Project

title:Transparent emiter electrode for photovoltaic applications based on carbon nanotubes
supervisor:Assoc. Prof. Maciej Sibiński
years:2011 - 2013
description:The aim of the project is to design and fabricate transparent electrodes in form of transparent conductive coatings for solar cells. Purpose of obtained layers is to fulfill the role of the emitter electrode in flexible solar cells. During planned experimental work, new types of materials and deposition techniques on wide range of the substrates will be developed, with use of CNT composites and popular, low cost and easy do implement technologies, presently used in the industry. The properties of resulting layers, including optical characteristics, electrical and mechanical properties, will be compared with commonly used conducting oxides, in particular, ITO or ZnO:Al. As the results inherent shortcomings of standard TCO as cracking and resistance growth during bending should be eliminated. Practical verification will be done on different designs and manufacturing technology of solar cells, including cheap roll-to-roll standards.


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