Technical University of Lodz

Department of Semiconductor
               and Optoelectronics Devices

PhD Tomasz Widerski


address: 90-924 Łódź, Wólczańska 211/215
room no.: 108
phone: +4842 6312681
email: tomasz.widerski[at]
home webpage:
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laboratorium 307
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laboratorium 307


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Tomasz Widerski was born in 1974 in Łodź. In 1994, she started her studies at the International Electrical and Electronic Engineering Faculty at the Technical University of Lodz. In 1999, he prepared her diploma thesis on design of high power FCI (Field Controlled Injection) diode and graduated as Master of Science.
Since 1999, he works for the Technical University of Lodz, initially at the Institute of Electronics and since 2008 at the Department of Semiconductor and Optoelectronic Devices. His research activities cover broad spectrum of automotive electronics, particularly the liquid cooling systems for power module in cars and high-voltage modules for hybrid and electric drives.


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