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Department of Semiconductor
               and Optoelectronics Devices

Prof. Zbigniew Lisik


address: 90-924 Łódź, Wólczańska 211/215
room no.: 116
phone: +4842 6312630
email: zbigniew.lisik[at]
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13.00 - 14.00

Semiconductor Devices, IFE s.16 wykładPrzyrządy Półprzewodnikowe e 416, t. 1-15 wykład; pierwsze zajęcia 7.10.; dodatkowo 13.11, 9.01.
Seminarium Katedry E415Seminarium dyplomowe e 113, t. 11-15; pierwsze zajęcia: 11.12.
Elektronika Transport, E 415, wykład t. 1-15


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He was born In Świdnica In 1948. In 1971 he got M.Sc at Electrical Eng. Faculty, Technical University of Lodz studying concurrently Physics at University of Lodz. In 1979, he defended Ph.D thesis, the DSc he got in 1993, and the professor title in 2006. Since 1979, he has worked at Technical University of Lodz, introductory in the Institute of Physics, in the prriod 1980-2007 in the Institute of Electronics, and from 2008 in the Department of Semiconductor and Optoelectronics Devices, being presently its head.
His research activity is aimed at investigations dealing with all the aspects of semiconductor devices. They cover both modeling, design and technology of semiconductor devices as well as thermal issues occurring in semiconductor devices and electronics systems. He was a leader in many national and international projects in this area. He is the author of more than 300 scientific publications and 10 patents.
Since many years, he has collaborated with Polish microelectronics industry, with LAMINA mainly, in the field of semiconductor device investigations and CAD application to design of power semiconductor devices. He is the coauthor of several new construction of power semiconductor devices both manufactured in LAMINA and worked-out in the Department technology labs. There are silicon as well as silicon carbide devices.


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