Technical University of Lodz

Department of Semiconductor
               and Optoelectronics Devices

The base of Deparment's laboratory facilities is Educational Centre of Microtechnology. It was established in 90s as an element of Tempus S-JEP 11298-96 "Education of Microtechnology (EMIT)" Project realisation. Educational Centre of Microtechnology consists of two technology laboratories.
First, Basic Microelectronics Technology Laboratory is equipped in: diffusion oven, mask aligner, wet etch workplace, four point probe, elipsometry, solar cell characterization unit, saw for semiconductor materials and physical vapor deposition unit. The laboratory aims on basic technological processes and characterization of different structures in the field of microelectronics and optoelectronics. They include doping and oxidation of semiconductor substrates, wet etching and surface treatment, photolithography, thin film deposition, structures cutting and characterization of optical and electrical parameters. In this laboratory practical exercises for students are held. They allow them to design, manufacture and analyze basic semiconductor devices such as solar cells or MOS transistors.
Second, Advanced Microelectronic Technology Laboratory is a clean-room type laboratory, where the air contamination is strictly controlled and maintained on the desired level. It is equipped with precise instrumentation such as: furnace for high temperature annealing (up to 2300oC), furnace for rapid thermal processing, diffusion oven, mask aligner, stepper (>1um), chemical vapour deposition, wet etch workplace and dry (plasma) etch unit. Research tasks in the field of microelectronics, optoelectronics and micromachining (new semiconductor materials and structures, development of silicon technology, thin optical film deposition etc.) can be conducted in this laboratory.

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